We provide disruptive solutions to ensure a continuous and secure optical link between Earth and Space

Unvealing the Sky
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We are a pioneer in the characterization of atmospheric turbulences

Miratlas is part of the development of disruptive New Space companies in France. By characterizing turbulence at night and during the day for the first time, Miratlas is working to address the issue of light propagation through the atmosphere.

These atmospheric measurements are crucial to ensure the continuity of laser telecommunication services between Earth and Space and address emerging challenges such as air pollution and climate change. 

Rooted on earth, facing the sky

our mission

Miratlas’ ambition is to reveal the effects of atmospheric conditions including cloud cover and turbulence to ensure the continuous link between earth and space


Empower organisations with disruptive and profitable technologies

We revolutionize existing technologies to enable fast, continuous and secure optical communication links around atmospheric conditions for Satellite, Telecom Operators and space agencies.

Help addressing today’s and tomorrow’s societal challenges

Through innovative technologies, we participate in solving contemporary challenges such as climate change and air pollution.

We are the first industrial player to offer atmospheric characterization as a service

We are a unique and disruptive player in the knowledge, consulting, and exploitation of atmospheric data.

Faced with a growing telecommunications market which is struggling to bridge the global digital divide, Miratlas proposes to assist in the development of terrestrial optical infrastructure to space, covering the entire planet.

Miratlas designs, produces and sells atmospheric characterization instruments and data that are becoming increasingly important as the climate warms.


A unique disruptive technology

Miratas, designs and manufactures the Integrated Sky Monitor to characterize real-time, high resolution, atmospheric conditions. Built for continuous and autonomous outdoor operations, the ISM remains compact and easy to deploy while featuring the widest array of passive optical sensors ever included in a single system. 

The ISM provides 24/7 data for cloud cover, atmospheric turbulence and absorption for the survey of Optical Ground Station locations.


Partially open-source onboard processing Linux system

EASY to deploy

Portable and light weight, as easy to install overnight as a weather station. 

ROI Driven

Full array of sensors providing cost efficient actionable data. 

Early adopters

We are collaborating with leading space agencies, research institutions and
manufacturers. ESA, CNES, DLR, ONERA, CAI Durham, Fraunhofer IOSB, Airbus, Cailabs

technology solutions

That empowers your organization

Monitoring the atmosphere opens new horizons to new applications

Continuous monitoring of atmospheric conditions opens new fields of applications and new horizons and help organization to optmize their daily operations and make the right decision. 


Sat Com/Telecom operators

Number and locations of Optical Ground Station sites.

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Telecom equipment manufacturers

Optical Ground Station design and cost

Quantum key distribution

Site characterization, estimation of QKD exchange rate according to atmospheric

Space situational awareness

Robotic telescope site selection and operations optimization

Airport traffic monitoring

Real-time turbulence measurement for runways.

Atmospheric pollution and climatology

Improved atmospheric modelling for pollutant dispersion and climate studies.


Telescope safety and observation optimisation