Why Miratlas ?

Critical atmospheric conditions
are still not accessible although they impact numerous applications and could help addressing current challenges.

Cloud cover has critical impact on optical communication requiring >99,9% of operation

Since September 2018, Miratlas is the only company proposing the complete characterisation of all the atmospherical parameters necessary for free space optical communication including, cloud cover, turbulence and absorption beyond the specifications of the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems report 140.1-G-1.

Before Optical Ground Station Deployment

Local survey and site qualification allowing the selection of the best possible ground station installation sites 

During operations

Measure and forecast atmospheric conditions at the OGS, optimizing operations

Atmospheric turbulences play a key role in polluants dispersion and air quality

The continuous measurement of atmospheric turbulence provides a unique insight in the dispersion of pollutants and the detection of thermal inversion which severely increases the severity of air pollution episodes in urban areas. 

Providing data for air quality

Better understand and anticipate air pollution

getting prepared

For the new space revolution with quantum key distribution

As advances in Quantum computers threaten conventional encryption algorithms, maintaining confidentiality will demand Quantum Key Distribution by dedicated fibre optics and Free-Space Optical Communication.

The financial, banking and government sectors, where confidentiality is critital, must resort to quantum key encryption to ensure the security of their data transmission.

We help equipment manufacturers to design their products and optimize the infrastructure they offer to their customers in order to provide the best return on investment for QKD availability and rate.

We are the first industrial player to offer atmospheric characterization as a service

We are a unique and disruptive player in the knowledge, consulting, and exploitation of atmospheric data.

Faced with a growing telecommunications market which is struggling to bridge the global digital divide, Miratlas proposes to assist in the development of terrestrial optical infrastructure to space, covering the entire planet.

Miratlas designs, produces and sells atmospheric characterization instruments and data that are becoming increasingly important as the climate warms.


they support us

We are collaborating with leading space agencies, research institutions and
manufacturers. ESA, CNES, DLR, ONERA, CAI Durham, Fraunhofer IOSB, Airbus, Cailabs

Discover our atmospheric knowledge will help your organization

Exemples of projects using our solutions :

-Site monitoring, since November 2018, our instrument is present at the ESA OGS of Tenerife providing reference atmospherical data for FSOC tests.

– Site survey of existing teleport for KSAT in Nemea, Greece before the installation of their OGS.

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