Our technology

Building on decades of research in instrumentation for astronomy

Design to offer complete, cutting edge, atmospheric characterization with a telecom grade system

Miratlas’ technology was designed to offer complete, cutting edge, atmospheric characterisation within a telecom grade system.

Born from decades of astronomical research, the Sky Monitor is the first system to include the full range of instruments necessary for the complete characterisation of optical atmospheric transmission within a simple,  compact, rugged and easy package. It allows the gathering of atmospherical data previously only available to professional astronomer for a fraction of the cost, opening news market applications and field of research. 



A breakthrough in atmospherical science

The Sky Monitor offers unprecedented level of integration, performance and services to the market.

The only one on the market allowing the complete characterization of atmospheric disturbances by day and night, which no other company offers. It is designed to be networked, providing data on global scale to better understand atomospheric conditions. 


Continuous, real-time measures

The Sky Monitor continuous atmosphere conditions measurement, 24/7/365


Compact and easy to deploy

The Sky Monitor is a compact product
(20 cm by 20 cm, 3kg)
which allows
one person to install it in half a day.


Data accessible 
via a user friendly online database


Cost reduction (x 5 to x10)

The Sky Monitor is almost ten times
less expensive than all equivalent instruments.
It is maintenance free.

Continuous, high resolution, real-time measurement of all atmospheric parameters

This Sky Monitor is built for autonomous remote operations and includes a wide range of passive optical sensors available for the first time in a compact and easy to install package.

Survey potential sites with laser communication optical ground station

The Sky Monitor is an all-in-one system measuring cloud cover, atmospheric turbulence and absorption to survey potential sites for optical communication optical ground station. Deployed in network, it allows for site comparaison and selection with the optimal ground network design and future operations.

Ensure optimal operations for ground station

Within the optical ground segment operations, the Sky Monitor data ensures optimal operations for each ground station. Selecting the best path for optical comms through the atmosphere, we are able to ensuring the continuity of operations, maximize bandwidth and minimize handover costs.

The first and only system including

All the instruments recommended by the CCSDS for Free Space Optical Communications

The Sky Monitor provides the following datas : high resolution visible and thermal images of the whole sky, turbulence measurements by night and by day, water vapor absorption, irradiance, as well as weather data.

It is the first and only system on the market including all the instruments recommended by the CCSDS for Free Space Optical Communications.

The sky monitor network

Maps the atmosphere from the ground everywhere, all the time

Our database maps and models atmospheric trubulence and provides central data both for optimizing terrestrial and space-based telecommunications and for dedicated offerings in a wide range of fields. It provides an historical view and allows for short-term forecasting. 


your decision making

Anticipate and optimise ground infrastructure CAPEX and OPEX with the best information on link availability bandwidth

they support us

We are collaborating with leading space agencies, research institutions and
manufacturers. ESA, CNES, DLR, ONERA, CAI Durham, Fraunhofer IOSB, Airbus, Cailabs