Miratlas raises 2m€ in funding

May 12, 2022

Miratlas raises 2m€ seed round with Karista/Cosmicapital, Région Sud Investissement and private investors.

This funding will allow us to ramp up the industrialisation, production, and deployment of our instruments worldwide and speed up the adoption of direct to Earth #lasercoms.

Many thanks to all who have worked very hard to help us getting there, this is the beginning of a new and exciting chapter:

Pôle OPTITECToplink InnovationBlast Accelerator and Starburst FranceKaristaRégion Sud InvestissementTurenne GroupeCNESEuropean Space AgencyBPIfranceRéseau des Pépinières d’Entreprises Innovantes du Pays d’Aix