About Us

Miratlas' inception came from years of experience in the telecom and photonics industry
and knowledge of decades of development in the astronomical instrumentation

In 2018, Miratlas was born under the impetus of Jean-Edouard Communal and Frédéric Jabet, who wanted to respond to a still unsolved problem in space: the disturbance of light propagation by the atmosphere.

To this end, the small company has rapidly developed through the sale of its Sky Monitor instruments as well as its data from various stations around the world (Australia, Greece, Germany, Spain, etc.) to renowned organizations (ONERA, CNES, ESA, NASA), until it has become a reference in the study of atmospheric turbulence.

In 2022, Miratlas is continuing its rise by raising two million euros in funding through partnerships with Karista, Région Sud Investissement and Geodesic, with the aim of accelerating its development to position itself in the long term as the leader in the collection, processing and forecasting of atmospheric turbulence.


Our vision

In the face of the rapid developments of climate and technological challenges, we are convinced that improving our understanding of the atmosphere is a key enabler for direct to earth free space optical telecommunications. Miratlas unveils the effects of atmospheric turbulence to ensure continuous optical communication between Earth and Space and improve prediction of air quality in urban areas.

Rooted on Earth, facing the sky, Miratlas’ ambition is to enable a better understanding of our atmosphere and free space optical telecommunications between Earth and Space through disruptive technologies. 

The founders

jean-edouard communal

Co-founder & CEO of Miratlas, the world’s first company offering the complete characterisation of the atmospheric optical transfer function. Jean-Edouard hold a Ph.D in laser physics and nonlinear optics from Trinity College Dublin and has over 20 years sales experience in the photonics industry.


frédéric jabet

Cofounder of Miratlas, previously CTO at Alcatel Lucent and founder of Airylab. IT and optical MSc, Frédéric Jabet has been working for the telecom industry as CTO for carrier solutions in EMEA for Alcatel Lucent, and then he founded Airylab that was developing instrumentation for science and especially turbulence monitors and solar telescopes. He cofounded Miratlas in 2018 a leading company in data collection and instrumentation FSOC atmospheric analysis.

the advisory board

Philippe boissat

Is passionate about the world of aeronautics, space and defense

Aircraft pilot and telecommunications engineer, he has spend his entire career in the field of space ,and aerospace and telecommunications activities , in integration systems , software and consulting compagnies, in an international environment with a strong multicultural presence. He has worked in Canada for Nortel Telecom; in Germany for T-Systems , in Luxembourg & Spain for SES , in USA for Deloitte and in France for IBM & Eutelsat . He has extensive knowledge of satellite telecommunications . Director of the Multimedia Department for SES and EUTELSAT , he presented the first satellite internet offers in 2002 in France and in Europe Since 2005 he has been President & Founder of 3i3s a non-profit institute dedicate to satellite applications with 3 axes Networking – Education and Humanitarian actions (Today 3i3s is in 3 continent s Europa – Africa and Europa )


Emmanuel Daugeras

Emmanuel’s career started at Axiohm where he successfully developed the company’s export range as an industrial product range manager. He then joined the team of Target Partners in Munich as an investment director where he successfully financed a wide range of startups in the software (NXN), DeepTech (Cube Optics) and digital marketplace (Mercateo) industries. From 2014 to 2018, Emmanuel was a SFAF administrator and hosted the think tank regarding the valuation of companies. Wanting to share his experience with the new generation he began to teach Risk Management at Skema Business School in 2018.

Emmanuel joined Karista in October 2020 to help deploying the SpaceTech Fund, CosmiCapital, launched in partnership with CNES, and bring his knowledge of international investments and technologies.

Emmanuel holds a Msc in Engineering from Ecole Centrale Paris and an MBA from INSEAD.


Laurent Grimaldi is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of C-Consulting, a consulting company.

Laurent has over twenty-five years of experience in TMT/Private Equity. Laurent Grimaldi is both an investor and top executive with a strong entrepreneurial background.
He is advising in particular PE Funds/companies (from start-ups to large ones) for Business assessment, Due-Diligence, Business Development and Performance Improvement in particular through Digital Transformation.
He has a deep knowledge of Infra telecom (FTTH, Towers, Data Centers, satellite, optical backbones, submarine cables….) but more globally of the IT/TMT world.
He is passionate about technology and its impact on organizations.

He is a private investor in various Private Equity funds (Venture Funds, Small and mid-Cap LBO Funds).


Pierre-François Villegrain


Fondateur gérant de GEODESIC

6 ans chez Ariane Group. 4 ans chez Airbus Defence & Space.


A multi skilled team in Telecom, SatCom, optics and AI

they support us

We are collaborating with leading space agencies, research institutions and
manufacturers. ESA, CNES, DLR, ONERA, CAI Durham, Fraunhofer IOSB, Airbus, Cailabs